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More FAQs

How Is The Water Cleaned?

With over 10 years of experiencing many different float facilities across the world, I have only been in one type of tank manufacturer, Float Lab Technology float chambers. They have paved the path for supreme cleanliness for the float industry.                                                                                                                                                      

Our commerical system includes;

  • Flow rate of 90-100 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • 1 micron NSF61 listed cartridge filter
  • Two UV light sterilizers
  • Ozone water treatment technology 
  • EPA registered disinfection product (does not contact Epsom Salt solution)

Who Should Not Use The Flotation Tank?

People who are eptilepic cannot use the floatation device.

Pregnant women during the first trimester and after week 35 cannot use the float tank.

Women on their menstrating cycle are asked to wait until their cycle is complete before using the float tank.

People with infectious or contagious illnesses cannot use the float tank.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Air Circulation In The Tank?

Did you know most float spas do not have add air circulation into their float tanks?

Our IQ Air GC series HEPA device scrubs the air inside our floatation tanks 24/7. Creating an exchange of ultra purified air quality for each and every client. 

Why Use Epsom Salt?

Epsom ”Salt” is a natural occuring mineral compound composed of Magnesium Sulfate. Our Epsom Salt is U.S.P. grade and comes from the USA.

Epsom Salt completely dissolves in water and causes less irritation than sea salt. 

We use 1,500lbs of Epsom Salt in each float chamber, and maintain the specific gravity of the solution at 1.250-1.300.

Any First Time Advice?

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and energy drinks before your appointment, or anything that can prevent you from fully relaxing.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to do “nothing”. Practice visualization techniques, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises or even counting sheep (if that’s your thing) prior to your float appointment. The mind is a powerful tool, considered to be a complex biocomputer, and the float tank is a perfect environment for learning about ones mind. 

Clients with shoulder tension or neck issues may find it more comfortable to float with theirs arms above the head, or even interlaced hands behind the head as a pillow for extra support. Each person’s body reacts differently to the solution, find your own comfort zone by exploring various arm positioning.

Some clients use a variety of supplements such as melatonin to enhance their float session. I always recommend experiencing the first few float sessions without any supplements. This will allow you to produce a natural biochemical response in the brain. 

The isolation chamber is taken in stages. Just like the metaphor of an onion‘s layers, our body, mind and spirit need ”peeling of layers” to get deep into the core.

What If I Am Claustrophobic?

Our float tanks are some of the largest in the industry, each with a private room and shower.

Each float tank doors can be easily opened, with grab bars for added support. No hatches or lids, which can make accessibility more difficult.

One tank is 7’ tall, 8’ long and 4’ wide.

Our upcoming new tank is 7’ tall, 8’ long and 6’ wide.

Each float tank has filtered air circulation at all times. 

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