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Professional MMA Fighter - Steven Bolinger

Steven Bolinger comes to Float Fresno after his big win at The Savemart Center.

Float Fresno Reviews

Genell J.

"I can honestly say that Float Fresno is the place to receive the best therapeutic sensory deprivation experience .I call this place my relaxation station.It's like having my own private float tank, right here in town. How cool is that?
You are giving the opportunity to lay still for an hour or two, in complete silence, while floating in a relaxing tub. For me, it's like yoga without the physical exercise. I'm an athlete and every week, I wreak havoc on my body and mind with running, weight training, and many other rigorous exercise. I can always count on float Fresno to provide the best atmosphere to rest and recharge my body in their float tanks. I rely on my sensory deprivation weekly seasons because not only does it allow me the opportunity to take a rest out of my busy training, it also allows me the opportunity to rest my mind from all the technology and daily grind of being an adult. If you can get an hour out of your busy day, I highly recommend Float Fresno as your "relaxing station"
Thank you" Float Fresno in Clovis

Katie L.

"I have friends who float & swear by it so I decided to give it a whirl! I am currently 35 weeks pregnant so the pressure/pains I've been feeling are something fierce. I floated for one hour today & haven't felt this good in a very long time. To be able to lay on my back without feeling any pressure anywhere, was truly amazing. I felt like I was able to connect with my baby too! I was actually able to feel/hear my pulse & hear her heartbeat as well. It was seriously an unforgettable experience & I will be back. I felt extremely refreshed afterwards. The owner, Sean, was super welcoming & answered all of my questions beforehand. Hands down, one of the coolest things I've done in my 29 years of existence :-)"

Matthew T.

"This was my first time floating and I had a great experience. The facility is very clean and comfortable. The tank had lots of room and made it easy to get comfortable. I had been experiencing severe pain from a pinched nerve in my lower back for the past few weeks and have been receiving physical therapy for it. About 30 minutes after my float the pain had been reduced SIGNIFICANTLY to where I could finally move freely with little to no pain. I highly recommend this place for anyone wanting to try floating."

Daniel L.

"Great float today. I've floated at lots of places around the country. This is a great spot. The tanks they use here are top notch, way better than the pods.

I'm grateful we have a local float spot. I recommend floating to everyone. Just give it a try. It's a great way to separate from this busy world we live in."

Candice T.

"This was my second visit and it was much more enjoyable knowing what to expect. I was able to relax much faster and the two hours seemed to just fly right by, so now I'm looking forward to the third visit and more. The owners are incredibly nice and make you feel very comfortable. Floating leaves me in such a peaceful state of mind and I love the way my skin and body feel after. I would definitely recommend everyone try this at least twice."

Brooks D.

"My experience at Float Fresno maybe be subjective not, objective as it was my first floating experience, I found the owner and operator Sean Carter to be very informative about floating and it's benefits, along with being very helpful through out my experience there. It was definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone."

Professional MMA Fighter - Jesse James

Jesse talks about his first float experience and gives a few tips.

Life Coach & Speaker - Kelsey Low

Kelsey describes how the float tank is a great tool for relaxation and mindfulness.